Disability language is a hot topic. 

'Disabled people', 'people with disabilities' or 'people with an impairment’?

Confusingly, 'disability’ or ‘disabled' is often used to mean both the individual effects of an impairment and the difficulties of being disabled in a society that doesn't accommodate different needs and abilities.

There are so many ways to describe disability out there and we understand different people like different words.

Some people (us included) don't really like any of them because of their associations.

But since we have to use a term so that people can find us online and just because we have to use something, we’ve gone for ‘people with disabilities’ as to us, this puts the most important thing first - the person.

We know this term won’t work for everyone and that the language we use does impact on our wellbeing.

So whatever language or terms you like to use, just let us know in your first session and we’ll be happy to use them for the duration of our work together.