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Help us grow this page! Upload your own funny disability-related stories (think The Red Chair in The Graham Norton Show) or email us your favourite comedy, music or art performance to add to this page. Email


Video Clips

How disabled people get spoken to…

The perks of being disabled…

Dating fun with a disability…

The amazing Rosie Jones live at the Apollo…

Francesca Martinez – marry a poor Irish poet…


fight or flight cartoon
funny therapy image
Disability Jokes are not funny...i have a friend in a wheelchair that can't stand it

Songs to give you a boost

Music is a very important tool to help change our mood, whether we need to be lifted, or whether we need encouragement to let out our emotions and/or cry. We’ve chosen a few songs below that help you find strength in being different, but do add yours too.

Katy Perry – Firework

Fort Minor – Remember The Name

Steven Tyler – Sunshine

Rachel Platten – Fight

Walk Off The Earth – Little Boxes