Would you like to support our work by donation £10?

Thank you so much for your donation: we are like Tesco – every little helps to keep our wonderful community and support available for the foreseeable future! 🙂

What do the funds get spent on?

From each £10 we receive around £9.48 from our payment provider Stripe, £0.52 goes to Stripe. If you would like to make a donation without a payment fee, you can do an instant bank transfer to the Spokz People account. Email us for the details on

Funds raised go towards our overheads running the website:

  • hosting the website and all the technology costs around £1000 a year
  • small compensations to outside contributors
  • we all get paid £10 an hour (less than the living minimum wage) to provide support to our members, run our live group and develop new content and training

How else can you support our work?

  • EasyFundraising: If you shop through places like Amazon or Ebay, you can raise funds for free for us with one click, by first going through before you go onto their website. You register once and then can set up an icon on your phone/computer so that when you buy your goods, the businesses make a small donation to us.
  • IT skills? If you have WordPress/website skills, we are looking for volunteers for a few hours a week, or we can pay £10 an hour on a self-employed basis. Get in touch on
  • Stock photos: We’re always looking for realistic stock photos of disabled people with families, friends and work colleagues. Can you donate a photo?

Keep our services viable - donate 🙂

Due to spam issues we now have to ask people to login. If you prefer not to and would like to donate, drop an email to for our bank details.