Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, as we’re new we will add FAQs as you ask them, but hopefully our T&Cs and policies will explain most things. If not, get in touch on Do check back as we receive more FAQs they will appear here.

Don’t worry, you can reset it with your email address from this page of our site.

Complete the wellbeing questionnaire here (Word Document)

It’s really important to complete this before you start as it will show you where you are now with your wellbeing and when you do it again in 6- and 12-months’ time and any time thereafter it will show you how things are improving or if you need additional support.

As a non-profit organisation, we are trying to get funding to reduce your membership fee. To do this, funders require ‘evidence’ that this community helps to improve wellbeing. We need a lot of data for this (it is collected anonymously). The data we collect also helps us to write articles to educate other therapists to provide better services for disabled people and their families.

Whilst we get an online version sorted, please could you complete your and send it to After you complete it, your results will be emailed to you. We’ll let you know when the online questionnaire is up and running so you can complete it whenever you would like to in the future. Thank you so much for helping us as well as you.

On the landing page in the box ‘Community’ you will see icons to click on to take you to the Forum, your personal Messages and private Groups and once there, you can also visit your profile, where you can tell us more about yourself, change your preferences, or make new connections, to get started.

For Instant Chat, once you are logged in, in the bottom right-hand corner of each page is a speech bubble. Click on this speech bubble. Across the bottom you’ll see ‘Chats’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Groups’.

You can chat privately to other members, or join us for our weekly support group: click on ‘Groups’, you’ll see ‘Community Chat SP’. Click on that and you’ll see a smiley face wearing sunglasses at the bottom with ‘type a message’ on the right-hand side and away you go! The group chat is currently weekly on Sundays 8-9pm and every 2nd Sunday @ 8pm a Zoom Live

Check out our News & Events section where you can find out about events (we’ll keep updating the same news post called ‘Live Events’ with new dates, so do keep checking this out when you log in), and don’t forget to visit Polls where you can vote on many things we are doing.

We are using MailChimp to keep everyone in the loop, but do check your email settings and junk or spam folders to make sure you stay connected to us. If you haven’t heard from us or have missed an event, most likely it is in your Junk folder.

We’ve had some members say that they couldn’t type in the chat text box when using Safari or other access issues.

If this happens to you, try using a different browser. Generally Google Chrome is a good suggestion to try, we often try this if we are having issues with our browser Firefox. Most of the time the issues are then resolved. If you continue to have access issues in spite of trying a different browser, do email us.

Get in touch with us, we are here most days to answer any questions you have about navigating the site or anything else on