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Interesting question Emma, it can be both! In our minds we create a metaphorical space, but it is based on a real space you have been somewhere in your life where you felt safe. It works best if it is a place where there were no/few people or at least only people who you feel safe and can be completely you and real with. A happy place is great to have too, but if you are surrounded by strangers in this space in your mind, it wouldn’t feel to your mind/body/unconscious 100% safe.
I use a beach in Cornwall I have visited often, I know people who use their bedrooms or relaxing in the bath, although if you have PAs etc in your bedroom this may not work for you. Do you have any memories of feeling peaceful in nature? It’s important to say though, that some people may struggle with recalling a memory of a real place/space they have felt safe, if that’s the case you can also use an imaginary space in your mind. What are your thoughts? We could discuss this on the 8th? Good to have feedback as we will amend the resource as we receive feedback.

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  • This reply was modified 1 month, 2 weeks ago by Mel.