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Since 2008, Spokz People have been supporting disabled adults whether acquired through accident or injury, congenital or from health conditions, pain or life-limiting illnesses. We also support family members, therapists and healthcare professionals. Our goal is to pass on our experience to other professionals so that support with disabled clients and families is more effective.

We support people with issues like identity and body image; relationships and isolation; PAs, carers and dependency; self-esteem, motivation, confidence and assertiveness; resilience, de-stressing, mindfulness and relaxation; coping with being disabled by society; loss, trauma, death and support with things like pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Spokz People CIC are the sister company of Spokz Ltd, run by Steve Dent, which is an online retail shop selling wheelchair & sports accessories, lifestyle equipment and sex aids.

We are part of the Kandu Group, a group of ethical, reputable businesses, charities and services working together.

Our Professional Services:

  • Individually designed live online training to individuals and groups, universities and colleges
  • Online pre-recorded training
  • Therapist-led forum
  • Monthly live group consultations
  • 1-2-1 supervision and support
  • Free disability-affirmative directory where you can list your services
  • Free resources and support (see below)

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Our Publications

About Our Therapeutic Model

Many clients as well as organisations we work with tell us that more traditional therapeutic models such as IAPT have failed to lead to improvements in wellbeing for their service users. Most therapists do not have the experience, training or context in relation to the challenges faced by disabled people to develop effective coping or management strategies. Our goal is to help your organisation to overcome this barrier by providing effective and evidence based therapeutic support that is tailored to the needs of disabled people.  Spokz People are developing a disability affirmative therapeutic model which we call Purple Therapy.

Purple Therapy

Most of us know the term ‘Purple Pound’ – the spending power of disabled people, which recognises their contribution to the economic cycle in society. The ‘Purple Pound’ also recognises the growing demand for services that meet their needs and, as our population ages, this will only grow.

Unfortunately, at present, studies show that therapeutic support often fails to meet the needs of disabled people. Many clients report feeling as oppressed and not listened to in therapy, as they are in society. Some examples of this are when therapists see their anger as denial of impairment, or when therapists express disbelief at the refusal to have medical treatment to improve impairment. Many clients report paying for therapy whilst educating the therapist about what being disabled is like, or putting up with poor therapy because that therapist was the only one with an accessible office.

How Purple Therapy differs: Our values

Purple Therapy is about using our knowledge of disability to empower disabled people, by recognising that there are many forces at work in society which aim to reduce their control and power, including, unfortunately, some health and social care processes and systems.

We respect that clients have many skills and are the expert, not we, at their lives. Our role is to help hone or bring out those skills.

We collaborate and plan sessions together, review regularly and work outside the usual boundaries if necessary so clients can make progress (for example, in 1-2-1 therapy we would consider adjusting boundaries such as session timing, location, touch and personal disclosure).

We work holistically. We draw on coaching, psychoeducation, self-disclosure, advocacy and body, trauma and touch therapy when appropriate.

We spend more time in self-reflection. As disability affirming therapists, we explore our own relationship, bias and prejudices towards impairment and disability and how this can impact on client work. Disability is usually seen as a medical issue on therapy training courses, rarely is it seen as a societal and political issue. This, in our view, is one of the key reasons for the negative therapy experiences many clients report.

Read more about Purple Therapy techniques here.

improvements achieved

Other publications where you can hear more about our work include:

You can also request access to our resources on the following:

  • Disability and Therapy Reading List

  • Sex and Relationships Resource List. You may also like to visit our sister company Spokz’s sex aid section here.

  • Tips for PAs and carers

  • Disability Hassles Questionnaire

  • Disability Resources List

There are also some great documentaries to watch on the BBC:

Our Services and Fees:

  • Training and CPD around providing disability affirming therapeutic and emotional support. Our module prices are low cost from £10-30.

  • Regular and ad hoc clinical supervision and group consultation (1-2-1 £60ph; group £15 per 90 minutes).

  • Consultancy on improving wellbeing through a holistic approach. POA, generally £60-100ph.

  • Trauma and pain support using EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), a NICE approved technique. (£80ph).

  • Sex and relationship support for families and healthcare professionals, including advice on aids and adaptions. Due to uncertainty and embarrassment, this is an often-neglected area for healthcare professionals. Yet time and again, clients say it is something they want to discuss or want included in their care plans. We can provide support, training and supervision for staff on how to do this whilst considering everyone’s needs and requirements. POA, generally £60-100ph.

All above services include information, advice and education about local and national resources and support where helpful. All services are online or local to Lichfield, WS13.

Support for your clients

We have launched a BRAND NEW online wellbeing community & programme for disabled adults and their family members, which you and your clients can use alongside their work with you. Click here for more information.

Find out more about us click here.


Here is what some of our partners have said about working with Spokz People:


“I just attended your livestream on BACP this morning – thank you for all the work you do around this. I absolutely enjoyed it and found it immensely informative and helpful.”

— Natasha, September 2023

“In the years we have been working with Spokz People they have offered a flexible service, providing counselling at a number of venues. Our service users and carers have found the Spokz People counsellors have helped them to move forward with their lives, and their unique insights have helped our clients to identify valuable coping strategies.”

— Nancy, Service Manager at Headway Birmingham

“The communication was excellent and there was a great relationship during the period of time we were working together. Our members had both an opportunity to attend group and individual sessions. All of them fed back that they found both very useful and felt it helped them to deal with the psychological issues that stem from living with a chronic, incurable illness. ”

— Carol Bhalla, Group Coordinator, MS Society Birmingham

“Communication was far better than most and reporting was good, detailed and provided a good plan. Funding was accurately tailored to the plan.”

— Liz Haunch, Insurance Case Manager



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