We offer 1:1 telephone and online support across the UK by telephone and have 1:1 and group support in the Midlands.  We also offer advice, information and education and a wealth of support and help through our network with other support groups and organisations across the country. Watch our videos below to find out more about the type of services we offer:

Where we are

Our in-person 1:1 and group support sessions are currently available in Lichfield in Staffordshire, Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Erdington and Selly Oak in the West Midlands. We’re looking to expand our in-person services throughout the country so please contact us to join our team.

What it costs

You might be thinking

“Hang on. Why isn’t this free? Can I afford it? Can I get any help with the costs?”

Spokz People is a Community Interest Company and non-profit social enterprise. Since we don’t aim to make a profit from our services, the fees we charge merely covers the cost of sessions. 

While NHS services are free, when it comes to psychological support, the expense of this type of support often means long waiting lists and a limited number of sessions (often 6-8 sessions). Most NHS therapists rarely have disability knowledge or personal experience of disability.

All of us are paid a much lower rate than elsewhere and agree to work for this fee because we are passionate about our work at Spokz People. 

Many of our clients have told us they think of it as investing in themselves and our therapists will often go out their way and work extra hours outside your sessions - just to research what’s relevant to you.

Perhaps the easiest way to think of this is as an investment in yourself and what is more important that you?


Affordable and accessible therapy

Our group support sessions are more affordable as the cost of the therapist is shared amongst the members and you can still work towards the changes you want in your life. In fact, group support can be as helpful as 1-2-1 support.

If you prefer 1:1 sessions and are worried about the costs involved, we do have a sliding scale and can help you find assistance from local authorities, charities and schemes like the government’s Putting People First initiative.

For instance, if you have MS and live in Birmingham, the MS Society has kindly offered to contribute £5.00 for those who cannot afford the full session fees.

If you have concerns about paying for sessions or just want to find out what funding is available in your area, please get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help make it work for you.

Birmingham Clients unwaged/low income Direct Payments,
Individual budgets Self-funding,
Birmingham clients waged/average income
Insurance Work or
Trust Funds
(Discounts available for
on-going and long term work)
Informal chat
Free Free Free
home visit
(50 mins)
10 sessions, donation
of £15 requested.
£90 deposit refundable
if no sessions missed
(travel expenses additional)
From £90.00 (travel expenses & time
our venue inc
EMDR (50 mins
Free for 10 sessions,
but donation requested.

£90 deposit refundable if
no sessions missed
£45.00* £90.00
Skype Email
(50 mins or 500 words)
Free for 10 sessions,
but donation requested.

£90 deposit refundable
if no sessions missed
£40.00* £80.00
Groups Workshops
(2 hrs)
TBC £10.00 £17.50-£25.00
(7-14 days)
Not available Price on application
around £2,500 per week
Price on application
around £2,500 per week
*Please note that sessions with our clinical director are an additional £10 per session.