Mel: “I have a lot of experience with overwhelm, my upbringing trained my brain to be over alert to any possible signs of danger. This last year with the added stress of Covid-19 has reminded me of how much harder we all need to work to stay in ‘the green zone’, out of overwhelm and panic and in rest/digest/repair and safety. I shared some of these videos on our Facebook page during Covid-19 lockdowns.”

It is hard to take in information when you are feeling overwhelmed, the key is helping your brain and body to move back into the green zone.

Watch the videos and do the exercises along with me. For these techniques to work, you need to practise them several times a day, during the moments of overwhelm, but also for example when you wake up or go to bed, lying there in a few quiet moments. If you can practice them for five days out of seven for a few weeks you will start noticing a difference.

With practice, you CAN reduce the physical symptoms of overwhelm in your body and quieten your mind.

Lastly, remember you are not alone, many of us struggle at different times, even us at Spokz People included. We hope that knowing you are not alone will give you strength in this time.