Live Events

As part of your membership to our Wellbeing Community & Programme, you can attend our live weekly zoom meetings. These are held every Wednesday 7.30-8.45pm. These meetings are always led by a qualified therapist.

Every other week we have a themed session where we discuss an aspect of the programme or commonly raised issue, and sometimes have guest speakers. In the weeks in between we hold informal sessions where community members set the topics and can bring anything they want to discuss or share with other members to the meeting.

We hold regular polls of members on what themes our meetings should cover.

All our meetings have the option of live captions. Members can join with just audio, with video or type in the chat box – whatever is most comfortable.

Themed sessions for 2024:

  • 13 March: Sex and Relationships with Guest Speaker Zoe from Enhance the UK
  • 27 March: Relationships with PAs and professionals
  • 10 April: Confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness
  • 24 April: Uncertainty, change and resilience
  • 8 May: Continence
  • 22 May: Pain with Guest Speaker Thalia Joyner
  • 5 June: Relationships with family members and partners
  • 19 June: OCD
  • 3 July: Uncertainty, change and resilience
  • 17 July: Trauma, fight, flight, freeze
  • 31 July: Periods and menstruation
  • 7 August: Confidence, self esteem and assertiveness
  • 14 August: Summer social
  • 28 August: Grief and loss
  • 11 September: Stuckness
  • 25 September: Sex and relationships
  • 16 October: X rated swearing session
  • 30 October: Relationships with PAs and professionals
  • 13 November: Healing through nutrition and plant medicine
  • 27 November: Trauma and fight, flight, freeze
  • 11 December: Isolation
  • 18 December: Christmas social

These topics may be subject to change. All weeks in between are informal sessions.