News & Events

First Facebook Live Event Wednesday 8th December 8-9pm (if we have more then 10 attendees)

Remember you need to sign up to our private Facebook group so you can access our live events included in your membership, link here or search for ‘Spokz People Community‘ on Facebook. Also, let us know in the Polls that you are attending. It may take a while before we have enough members to put on live events, but we will be coming onto the group chat every Tuesday @ 8pm so you can connect with us in Real Time there too. Remember using Facebook requires your real name. If you would like to ask a question anonymously email us on before the event or use Facebook Messenger.

Live Chats Here in the Community on Tuesdays 8-9pm

We’ll be joining you in the Group Chat every Tuesday 8-9pm to support you and answer any questions you have.

Completing the Wellbeing Questionnaire

It would be really great if you can complete the Wellbeing Questionnaire before you start the programme, for several reasons:

  1. It will show you where you are now with your wellbeing and when you do it again in 6 and 12 months’ time and any time thereafter it will show you how things are improving or if you need additional support.
  2. As a non-profit organisation, we are trying to get funding to reduce your membership fee. To do this, funders require ‘evidence’ that this community helps to improve wellbeing. We need a lot of data for this (it is collected completely anonymously).
  3. The data we collect also helps us to write articles to educate other therapists and professionals to provide better therapy and services to disabled people and their families.

We’ll let you know when the questionnaire is up and running so you can complete yours. After you complete it, your results will be emailed to you. Thank you so much for helping us as well as you!


We have transcripts for all videos, we will next be working on captions but do bear with us, we are only a small team working part-time on a shoe string! If you notice any other ways we can improve access drop us a line on If you’re access needs are not met yet, we can offer a refund or reduced membership.

Our Stock Images Are Not Great

We are aware our stock images are not very diverse. It’s impossible to find authentic photos of diverse disabled people with friends and family. If you have a great high-resolution image we can use, do get in touch on Do bear with us as we continue to hunt for better ones!

Ways To Get A Membership Discount:

We offer £5 per video of 5 minutes (max. 3 videos per annum) or get in touch if you would like to be a regular contributor to discuss how your contribution can be valued.

What Is Your Valued Membership Fee Spent On?

As a non-profit we aim to be transparent and will keep you updated with how things go in keeping this community afloat. We will try and apply for more lottery funding in 2022 to cover the overheads of running the community but in the meantime it costs around £10000 a year to provide all the website tech, moderation and therapist support. We will provide a breakdown of these costs soon. If we get loads of members we’ll use the excess funds to firstly pay off all our IOUs to contributors who provided their time for free while setting up the community. After that we will use it to provide more content and support and bring in guest speakers. After that we will of course look at reducing memberships or paying you more for sharing your stories and supporting others.