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You can login here: https://spokzpeople.org.uk/login/ Using this username and password:
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Next Steps? Watch our welcome video and tour video of the site on your dashboard including how to post on the forum.

Accessing the community On the landing page in the box ‘Community’ you will see icons to click on to take you to the Forum. Using the top menu bar where it says ‘members’, you can also visit your profile, where you can tell us more about yourself and change your preferences and password. Using the ‘members’ drop-down you can also access your subscription and messages from other members.

How to keep up with the latest events? Check out our News & Events section where you can find out about events and new modules and don’t forget to visit Polls where you can vote on many things we are doing.

Are you a trainer or part of an organisation?

If you would like us to put on tailored training or provide supervisory support for your (organisation’s) therapists, do enquire at info@spokzpeople.org.uk. If you are a trainer and you would like to contribute a module on disability to our platform and so reach more people, let us know too.

Renewal Of Your subscriptions and modules

Just so you know, when you sign up, your membership is set to auto-renew. This means your bank card is charged £10 every year to access our forum support. To make sure you have funds in your bank account, make a note of your renewal date. If you purchase additional modules, these are available for 1 year. We are still new, so would like to encourage you to please use the forum, it’s their to provide you with support, consultation and supervision with your (potential) disabled clients and your own thoughts around disability.

Cancelling your membership

We are a non-profit, not out to take your money 🙂 You can cancel your membership at any point by going to the top navigation menu/bar, click on ‘Members’, then select the dropdown ‘Your Subscription’ and then click ‘Cancel’. Alternatively email us on info@spokzpeople.org.uk if you do not want to renew your membership. It’s that simple!

Other support

Spread the word! If you are able, please help us spread the word among therapists/organisations you know. As a non-profit we have no marketing budget and the funds we raise from our training help support our client work. If you have any media contacts, it would be amazing if you could let them know about our organisation.

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We are to answer any questions you have about navigating the site or anything else, so feel free to get in touch.

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