Individual Membership

Welcome to our new community, in partnership with Disability Horizons.

We were live on Disability Horizons TV on 14th November with Zec and Mik discussing Mental Health and our new wellbeing and mental health programme. Watch the episode on YouTube with this link.

Who is this membership for?

Our community is aimed at any adult whose life is touched by disability: disabled people, those living with life limiting or health conditions, partners and family members. We aim to support each other, learn together and provide a safe space to increase our wellbeing, mental health and sense of belonging and find new ways to manage common challenging disability situations. If you have any questions about membership or access needs (we are W3C-compliant), please contact us on before registering.

What does your membership include?

Once you register and login, you can access a whole wealth of support including:

  • Wellbeing programme 100+ pages (see example of 1 page below) covering things like:
    • Finding meaning in disability, loving yourself, building resilience, self-esteem
    • Managing challenging people and situations
    • Interactive – activities, videos, work with a buddy
  • Links to other support and resources
  • Peer videos (watch the intro video at the top of this page)
  • Peer support through forum, chat room & private chat
  • Regular live events (Facebook & chat) with direct support from a therapist
  • News
  • Upload your own videos
  • We also answer forum and chat room questions where possible
  • New content and chapters being added to the programme regularly
  • We will add a video soon with a tour of the site, so do check back

£200 Per Year*

(equivalent to less than £4 a week or 3-4 therapy sessions)

EARLY BIRD LAUNCH PRICE: £150 a year for the first 50 members.

Use this coupon code: spokzcommunity25off

Klarna pay in 3 instalments is coming in January

*As a non-profit, we keep fees as low as possible, while ensuring we meet the estimated £10,000 annual costs to keep this community alive and value all our disabled contributors. There is free information & support on our website, blogs and social media. We have applied for funding for those on benefits and will find out mid-Febuary if this was successful. Sadly, funders are over subscibed too and besides the Lottery, rarely fund disability services like this (like society, they are often prejudiced against disability too), but we also want to take back power by caring for and supporting ourselves. If you would like a breakdown of our costs, do get in touch: we are happy to provide it. The Lottery funded the setup of this site, but not the ongoing costs.

Edited Example of Wellbeing Programme

Cartoon by Gwyn Bevan Showing Woman seeking courage to go outsideBuild resilience

Ah yes, there it is. The word that society wants us to be, resilient. Being disabled is at times extremely hard and challenging and we must respect that and acknowledge that there may be times when we don’t want to fight any more. At the same time, there are times when disability teaches us very useful things about ourselves and others and we may struggle to put this learning into words. Building resilience is helpful, not in the usual inspiration-porn type way (see I’m not your inspiration by Stella Young), not in an able society-type way (“you MUST be resilient to show us you can cope with being disabled and cope with the unfairness that we send your way so we feel less scared should we ever become disabled ourselves”), but just in an acknowledging encouraging way [cut section….]  The positive news is that there are skills we can learn or build on to help resist the onslaught [cut section….]

Speech bubble saying Exercise

What word would you choose that gives you something to aim positively for? …[cut section]

We can choose to believe something else right? Just because x% of the population says something, does that mean it’s right? Or right for us? Can we question if it’s valid for our lives? Would we feel better about ourselves if we start changing what we believe? ….. [ cut section]


If we can learn to leave our comfort zone and push through the fear, we can get into the learning and growth zones where we will find more fulfilment in our lives, regardless of our situations.’

Hope and joy

Yes, there is plenty to be had. We can all find a way to live more content, meaningful lives Whilst disabled. We wouldn’t be writing this if we didn’t think that was possible. We’ll talk more about this later, but sometimes a natural human consequence of living with the experiences of challenging things like disability can reduce the creative approach-seeking parts of our brain: the part that wants to find meaning and try different things to solve situations. [cut section…] This resource is about reawakening the resources you already have, building on them and exploring new ones to give you more ideas on what you would like to change. [cut section…]

Professional Membership

For Healthcare Professionals, Therapists & Support Workers

This section is coming soon, please check back. It will include training, resources and ongoing support for you.

Training for PAs (Personal Care Assistants)

This section is coming soon, please check back. It will include training, resources and ongoing support for you.