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At Spokz People we improve wellbeing for disabled people and their families through our wellbeing community & programme. We support on everything from relationships and sex to confidence and resilience.

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How we work

We all have (in)direct lived experience of disability. We understand what it is like to live with disability day-to-day. We work in all kinds of ways to best suit you. We support people with issues like identity and body image; relationships and isolation; PAs, carers and dependency; self-esteem, motivation, confidence and assertiveness; resilience, de-stressing, mindfulness and relaxation; coping with being disabled by society; loss, trauma, death and support with things like pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression…We offer holisitic therapy which includes coaching, information, psychoeducation and sometimes advocacy when necessary as well as trauma work.

We work with disabled people with a variety of conditions as things like isolation, lack of control and choice are there for most disabled people and their families.

Spokz People CIC are the sister company of Spokz Ltd, run by Steve Dent, which is an online retail shop selling wheelchair & sports accessories, lifestyle equipment and sex aids.

We are part of the Kandu Group, a group of ethical, reputable businesses, charities and services working together.

What clients say

I have been a member for 9 months and the amount of helpful knowledge and support I have gained has been phenomenal. I am unable to attend many of the live sessions due to my caring duties, but some are recorded which is a bonus. The content on the website is amazing and I have honestly benefitted so much from it.  I feel heard, that I have a safe space to explore, learn and share and that I am not alone. Spokz People gives me hope that I can improve my circumstances. When the whole world is pretty depressing and negative, I have found a hub of support  for which I am eternally grateful.  I recommend any disabled person or anyone with a close association to a disability to join. The sense of understanding, belonging and real compassion is just amazingly significant and so very useful.  I hope to share more with you within the group. – Rachel, 2024

Photo of Rachel

We have developed a different type of therapy to what is generally available on the NHS (usually an IAPT service through a GP referral) or from general private counsellors. We call it ‘Purple Therapy‘ and our clients tell us that it is more effective and empowering than any previous therapy or support they have received. We know that many problems disabled people are not just as a result of their impairment, but more to do with the fact that society is predominantly set up for non-disabled people. We look at both a person’s impairment and all the factors that affect their ability to be a full and equal participant in society (this is called a ‘post-modern Social Model approach to disability’.

72% of clients tell us they feel better about themselves after using our services: “In 15 sessions I learned how to cope better with past violence I experienced from a family member and found better ways to express and cope with my anger, as well as hearing that my anger was OK and normal in these circumstances.” – Chris, 31, October 2018

Read more member testimonials on our registration page here.


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Sita’s* Story

Sita developed a chronic pain condition and kindly let us interview her about her experiences. All her videos are in the blog link here (*name changed to protect identity). You can also click on the speech bubble above for more testimonials.


Our NEW wellbeing community & programme is £50 a year or £5 a month. We have a free 30-day trial to see if this is right for you…

‘You might be thinking “Hang on, why isn’t it free if Spokz People is a non-profit social enterprise?”

We do not make a profit from our services. The fees we charge cover the cost of support and hosting of all the website technology, insurance, supervision, training and writing and developing new content and resources. Some of us are paid the national living minimum wage and others volunteer.

If you are wondering how to afford £5 a month, sometimes there may be areas of your life that you can reduce spending for a short while. Many clients have told us they think of it as investing in themselves and once they see the benefit, they find a way to invest in longer term support.

NHS services are a free option if you cannot afford our low costs. You may experience long waiting lists and a limited number of sessions (often 6-8 sessions) when you get there and NHS therapists rarely have disability knowledge or personal experience of disability. But it is worth trying as sometimes you find a gem of a support worker!

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